Termite Inspection & Treatment in Salt Lake City

Risk to Your Home

Termite damageIf you are concerned that you may have a termite infestation, the first step is to have a professional termite inspection. Termites can cause serious damage to structures. These wood-eating insects cause $5 billion in property damage each year in the US. The damage to your home can cost tens of thousands to repair if left unchecked.

If you have an infestation, there are two primary options for termite treatment: baiting or liquid termicide injection into the ground around your home. Bait stations (Sentricon®, Advance) are effective monitoring and prevention tools, but for currently infested structures, we recommend a termicide barrier around your home. This will offer quicker control and at least ten years protection against re-infestation. Treating for termites is a difficult job that requires special equipment and knowledge. It is a job best handled by professionals. A proper treatment requires extensive labor and materials. Be wary of any deal that sounds too good to be true. An improper treatment will allow the termite infestation to continue and grow.

Termite Inspection

If you are concerned that you may have termites or want a second opinion, we offer free inspections and quotes (home-sale inspections excluded).

Our Termite Treatment

A liquid termicide (Termidor®) is pumped into the ground to form a continuous protective barrier around the exterior of your home. The odor-free product binds to the soil to provide long-term protection. Termites traveling through the treated area, will transfer the material back to the colony where it will kill any insects that ingest or come into contact with it.

Timeframe & Guarantee

100% control of infesting termites will occur within three months after treatment. With an annual re-inspection, our treatments are guaranteed against re-infestation for 10 years. If your structure is re-infested during that period, we will pay for the re-treatment and repair of your home (certain restrictions apply).

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We offer termite inspection and termite treatment in Salt Lake, Utah, Davis and Weber Counties. We are based in the Sandy-Midvale area near Salt Lake City, but are available for inspections all along the Wasatch Front.